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Robin Taylor
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To Buyers:
Is the Internet giving you too much information and you don't have the knowledge and experience to put that information in context? Don't you think you need guidance to figure out if a property is suitable? Don't you want to build a relationship with someone you can trust, who can represent you in one of the biggest emotional and financial investments that you will make in your lifetime? As a buyer's agent, I can provide exact services that the buyer needs most. Buyers can benefit from my expertise of over 24 years in the business. I can offer full knowledge of the market place, trends and developments. Take advantage of the full benefit of a buyer's agent's advice and contact me when you are ready to purchase your new home.

To Sellers:

If you currently own a property and are thinking of placing it on the market, you can contact me directly. I will make a visit to your home and give advice and counseling on the best way to prepare your home to make it so tantalizing and so attractive, buyers will not want to leave and will feel they have to purchase your home for themselves. I will work up a Comparable Market Analysis for the best and most feasible price in light of the marketplace. I will explain all the terms and outline the Home selling process. I will go over a comprehensive marketing plan, including our new Restaino EDGE. I will keep in touch constantly giving you feedback from showings and make sure all the marketing materials are current and attractive.

The Marketplace:

The marketplace in Madison is quite healthy. There is a lot of inventory, and, therefore, a lot of choices for buyers. This is the best time to buy: interest rates are low which will help your borrowing power.   What a great incentive! Home sales have stayed steady. Remember, Madison and the surrounding areas are pretty well insulated from the rest of the world. We have a lot of movement in and out of the area what with the Government, the University and many local businesses. All indicators point to a busy and fruitful real estate year.

Thanks for visiting my online real estate source.  Please bookmark this site for future reference, and ENJOY!